Xmind License Agreement

NG LOGIC reserves the right to change its prices, including royalties, without notice. 4a Restrictions on use in the case of an evaluation license (as indicated in the LICENSE SUPPLEMENT), the Eclipse Public License v1.0 (EPL), available under www.eclipse.org/legal/epl-v10.html, and the Gnu Lesser General Public License v3 (LGPL), available under www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl.html. Each licensed NG LOGIC program can only be used at any time in the designated installation on a uniquely identified computer processor (node-locked license). For licensees who wish to distribute XMind 3, modify source code and/or create extensions, EPL can be used to maintain copyleft of the original code base while promoting innovation with commercial and other open source offerings including XMind. You can use the full version of XMindlook Sync for free for 30 days. After that, the XMindlook feature is limited – only the category window is functional. To regain all the features of XMindlook Sync as much as possible, you need to purchase a license and register your copy of XMindlook Sync. * To use XMindlook in the Eclipse installation, create the “dropins/xmindlook/eclipse/plugins” folder in your Eclipse root directory and install it in dropins/xmindlook/eclipse. This product is licensed under the NG Logic Software License Agreement. By using this software, you agree to be in agreement with the Terms. Please note that after downloading the app, you will be asked to generate a free 30-day license (use the Request Key button in the registration dialog).

Only one free license is allowed per machine. All right, title and interest in an NG LOGIC Program and in the ideas and know-how developed by NG LOGIC in connection with the provision of technical services, including any extension or modification of an NG LOGIC Program, remains the property of NG LOGIC at all times. Licensee acknowledges and agrees that the NG LOGIC Program is licensed, not sold. At the same time, we offer the LGPL as an option to grant an XMind license to licensees who deal with the incompatibility between EPL and GPL. Licensee agrees not to (i) modify, reverse-compact, disassemble or otherwise reverse engineer or permit any other person to do so (except to the extent such prohibition violates applicable law); (ii) attempt to access or use portions of the NG LOGIC Program Code for which Licensee has not been licensed; or (iii) distribute or transfer the NG LOGIC Program, except as expressly permitted herein. Licensee also agrees not to remove or destroy proprietary marks or legends or encrypted license keys or similar security features placed on or contained in any NG LOGIC program. These Terms of Use and all rights and licenses granted under this Agreement may not be transferred or assigned by you, but may be transferred or assigned by XMind without restriction. One.

NG LOGIC has the right, without further obligation or liability to Licensee, to terminate this Software License Agreement and Licensee`s Evaluation License in accordance with any NG LOGIC Program. c. Upon termination of this Software License Agreement with respect to any NG LOGIC Program, the license and all other rights granted to Licensee with respect to this NG LOGIC Program shall terminate immediately, and Licensee shall immediately: (i) return this NG LOGIC Program to NG LOGIC, including all documentation, manuals and copies relating to this NG LOGIC Programme; (ii) delete all copies of this NG LOGIC Program and all portions thereof of all PROCESSORS and storage media and peripherals on which Licensee has placed or authorized others to place this NG LOGIC Program; and (iii) provide NG LOGIC, upon request, with written confirmation that Licensee has fulfilled its obligations under this paragraph 12(c). .