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Moreover, a special status as set out in Minsk-2 – not to mention Russia`s even more extreme demands of May 2015 – is simply not achievable. It far exceeds what most Ukrainians see as an acceptable price for peace, as polls repeatedly show.65 Any Ukrainian leader who even seemed open to these ideas would likely commit political suicide. When Poroshenko submitted a permanent bill amending the constitution to the Rada on August 31, 2015, riots in Kiev resulted in the deaths of four law enforcement officials; Despite the fact that the draft did not refer to a special status.66 Poroshenko`s successor, President Volodymyr Zelenskyi, who placed the end of the war at the center of his election campaign in 2019, also had to proceed with caution. It proposes to integrate a reinstated Donbass into the national decentralization program launched in 2014.67 However, according to the provisions of a draft law on decentralization submitted to the Rada in December 2019, the DNR and the LNR would not be given the powers listed in Minsk-2; nor would they receive a constitutional “special status.”68 If Putin doesn`t get what he wants, he could still invade Ukraine directly and all the actors involved know that. Therefore, it takes the right whips and carrots to change Putin`s calculations and reassure Ukraine that it must be neutral if it wants to save a certain degree of sovereignty and independence. So far, the United States has not accepted this and has continued NATO`s cooperation with Ukraine, including the formation of a common diplomatic front and the acceleration of the modernization of Kiev`s military equipment. [70] Minsk II failed because the agreements did not contain high-profile support and signatures of all the major spoilsports, and because they did not take into account Russia`s realism and underlying interests. As long as the United States and Russia continue to support their sides and each side continues to fight, the war will only continue and protocols will continue to be broken. Washington must either accept that Ukraine will be neutral, change Moscow`s mind, or use force to impose its will. Otherwise, the conflict will remain stuck in an eternal and bloody impasse. These are the only options. “When he first announced it, he said `muslim ban,`” said Rudy Giuliani, a former Trump attorney general.

“He called me and said, `Set up a commission, show me the right way to make it legal.` Pifer, Steven. “Minsk II at the age of two.” Brookings Institution. 15 February 2019. www.brookings.edu/blog/order-from-chaos/2017/02/15/minsk-ii-at-t. From the point of view of Ukraine and its supporters, the Minsk agreements were implemented at gunpoint. Russian regular forces, equipped with artillery, armor and anti-aircraft support, intervened in mid-2014 to rescue the separatist militias and quickly overtook the Ukrainian army. “[At one point] I came across a battalion,” Poroshenko says. .