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Hey, Chris. Congratulations on the great success with this song. Looks like APRA should do a better job. I know SOCAN will be collecting here in Canada around the world. Some of my clients sign with publishing companies to make sure the global collection is better. But I would like to chat with someone at the top of APRA and ask why they do not collect on their behalf around the world. Send me the song link, as I would like to hear it, and I`ll see if I can continue to help. (7) “Sales contract: as part of this agreement, a music publisher acquires all or part of the catalogue of another music publishing house, which is in a way equivalent to a corporate merger. In this case, a “due diligence” survey is conducted to determine the value of the catalogue. [8] Hello Kurt, great site, really useful! Can you explain how publishing royalties with z.B. Spotify works because I understand (perhaps wrongly) that publishing fees only account for about 15% of what Spotify pays. So the label/artist takes the lion`s share when it comes to Spotify? It`s true? Simon The Pros Listing the benefits of a publication agreement is simple because most songwriters have heard (or dreamed of it).

When singing a publishing deal, there are a few types of typical scenarios you can expect: a classic publishing contract usually means that you lose 100% of your publishing rights in exchange for the services your publisher will provide. In a co-publication agreement, one of the most common publishing agreements for great songwriters, you generally assign 50% of the ownership of their publishing share at the time of signing (“co-publishing”). This means that you still keep 100% of your author`s share, but only 50% of your publisher`s share: 75% of your publishing costs. During your term of office, which usually lasts 1 to 3 years (usually with renewal options), you have certain obligations, such as writing a minimum number of songs that are commercially satisfactory or that songs must be recorded and published by an artist on a legitimate label, which must be completed during your term of office. What is the difference between copying and copying. And how the word sampling in his contract will produce all the new works that inform a songwriter friend and his in his contract of sampling clause that he believes withdraw from the contract, like all new songs he writes, will not apply to sampling. Can he have this clause removed from the contract or simply not sign it? All thoughts or comments appreciated. The songwriter has 50 years of experience and is overwhelmed by new clauses that are put into contracts that he believes undermine his work. Congratulations Corey.

I should see the deal, but yes, you would get half of the revenue from the edition (the author`s share). I would suggest that their proposal be quite frequent, but again, the devil is in the detail of the agreement. In addition to this creative work, your publisher will also take on all the necessary administrative tasks. Remember that while you retain some of your editorial ownership, you still often waive the rights of administrator, which means they can force the songwriter to give outside control over the song itself. This allows the editor to search and more easily agree on the possibilities of re-synchronization, but also that you might not be able to have a say in these possibilities. 1. What`s better. Sign a publishing contract as an artist/group OR as a label? Of course, a songwriter can do his own publication, but it`s a very special work that`s really better done by a team of experts. If you`re interested in publishing your own material, you should definitely try it, but log in to your local news agency and expect to be quickly overwhelmed by publishing tasks (for example, where do you start monitoring global airplay?) when your music career begins.