Residential Aged Care Agreements

This is the heart of the elderly care contract and works like a normal contract. This document is more detailed than the resident pre-admission agreement, as it describes the terms of services, fees, and rights and obligations of the caregiver and resident. For example, it includes things such as how regular payments are to be made, the provider`s policies and practices for fees and complaints, a description of all the services the resident must receive, and the circumstances in which the resident might be invited to leave. And don`t expect that, despite the aging population, there will be a flood of seniors seeking counsel. For a number of reasons (including those described in the previous paragraph), residents often do not seek advice on resident agreements before moving into hospital care. This creates an opportunity for practitioners to play a proactive role in informing their local community and/or existing clients about the importance of counselling in these stressful times. If no housing guarantee is paid at the entrance to the retirement home, the approved provider may charge interest. The amount of interest is usually included in the resident contract. This amount must be paid from the date of entry until the payment of the loan. If the occupant dies within two months, the interest is still payable for a period of two months: s57.18 of the law. While resident agreements will be the key documents for practitioners, it is important to be aware of other information to provide to potential residents. This includes information about the minimum asset that the resident must withhold after payment of the loan or royalty, liability for interest payments, payment options, etc.: ss23.28 and 23.81C User Rights Principles.

If you decide to enter into a resident agreement, you do not have to sign it at the time of the offer. Maybe you`d like to take the time to enasuing the help of friends, family, caregiver, financial advisor, or lawyer to account for the deal when you don`t have to. Don`t sign an agreement that requires you to do things you don`t have to do. It is much easier to make the agreement before signing than to correct it after signing! Edit the document and let all parties make the changes.