Oslo Bors Market Data Agreement

The fully linked trading and clearing model allows CurveGlobal Markets members to exchange the Norwegian equity derivatives market in the same order book as the Norwegian members of Oslo B-Rs. In December 2019, Euronext completed the transition from its derivatives market to proprietary trading platform Optiq and plans to rewrite the Oslo markets towards the new system. [3] In September 2015, Oslo increased its offering of publicly traded products to 14 new bull and bear products from market manufacturer Nordea to provide investors with the OBX index and other foreign indices. New listed securities are exchange traded notes. Bull and bear products allow investors to position themselves for a rise or fall in the market. [17] Real-time Market Information Market Information Deferred Market Data Of the non-display market order book Information Oslo-News FeedOslo-B-rs Official Daily Price List Oslo-B-Rs was founded in 1819 by trader Nicolay Andresen and registered a total of 16 bonds and 23 shares in 1881. [5] In 1946, an Oslo market index, based on 1939 prices, was introduced and, in 1988, the open trading system was replaced by an electronic trading system, followed two years later by the introduction of derivatives trading. In 1999, the Oslo Stock Exchange and the Stockholm Stock Exchange (now the OMX Nordic Exchange Group) joined the Copenhagen Stock Exchange to create a common Nordic market called NOREX Alliance and switched to the same trading platform as its NOREX partners in 2002. The central order book is housed in the main data centre of the London Stock Exchange, and each transaction is fully supported by central counterparty clearing. For members of CurveGlobal Markets, this is LCH Clearnet Ltd, while for members of Oslo B`rs Six x-clear.

In April 2010, Oslo began with the use of the TradElect trading system and in early 2009 entered into a strategic partnership between the Norwegian Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG). [19] In December 2009, Oslo companies introduced the SOLA trading system for LSEG derivatives and, with the introduction of TradElect and the Von LSEG market data platform, Infolect, switched to trading technology developed by LSEG. Oslo offers a wide range of market data products. Products include news and price flows, fund information, fundamentals, as well as products for brokers, fund managers and investors. From November 2020, a number of these products will be modified after Oslo`s introduction into Euronext. These pages will give you an overview of the products as they are offered today, as well as the changes that will come into effect in November. Members wishing to continue trading in Norwegian derivatives are encouraged to contact the Oslo-based companies on 47 22 34 19 80 or by email derivatives@oslobors.no. A position transfer process between LCH AG and SIX X-Clear can be arranged. Oslo is the only regulated market place for securities trading in Norway and trades listed stocks, derivatives and fixed-rate instruments. It offers the listing and trading of shares, share certificates, FTEs, interest products and derivatives in five different markets; Oslo Bérs, Oslo Axess, Merkur Market, Nordic ABM and Oslo Connect. Since 2009, Oslo B`rs has been using the technology of its partner, the London Stock Exchange Group, for its equity, derivatives and fixed income markets. [2] In March 2014, Oslo Connect, its otC derivatives trading and valuation system, ranked Oslo Connect in the latest version of Edge provided by Baymarkets AB, a specialized OTC market developer.