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According to some reports, the US Secretary of State relies on Paris to conclude an LNG emission contract based on the agreement. “This agreement with Auchan Retail France, a world-renowned distributor, helps us get closer to this goal,” Wolff added. Washington is trying to convince Paris to sign the LNG NextDecade abemission agreement, despite French objections to the methane block, according to Politi… Boralex has signed a three-year contract with Auchan Retail France to purchase electricity for the production of wind farms in the Hauts-de-France region. Subscribe to Natural Gas World Premium for less than ¢55 per day. Daily Reports, LNG Condensed (free), NGW Magazine, Gas Transitions and more. Choose the best option for you. “Our Energy Markets Directorate, created in 2019, has set itself the goal of deploying private air opening contracts for industrial and commercial customers in the French market. They will also supply retail outlets and warehouses directly to Retail Frances in northern France, including the Mers-les-Bains shopping centre, less than 20 km from wind farms. The AAE will begin on 1 January 2021 and will be used for the production of the Chepy and Nibas wind farms, with a total capacity of 16 MW. In 2001, Boralex founded its French headquarters in Blendecques, Pas-de-Calais, and today, with a team of 70 people, manages more than 400 MW throughout the region.

The couple was ordered by the Somme department between 2003 and 2004. “This long-standing contract between two companies in the Hauts de France is proof that we can bring production closer to consumption, so that the green energy produced by our farms is used every day by the French.” LEPPA three-year with Auchan begins on January 1, 2021 and is available for 16MW in The Hauts-de-France Natural Gas – LNG News, America, Europe, LNG), Corporate, Import/Export, Contracts and Tenders, Policy, Environment.