Nice Agreement Classes

To do this, you need to carefully consider the full list of Nice classes. Then you will have to decide which or categories of your products or services and, as mentioned above, conduct a complete brand-sharing search, checking the similarity and risk of confusion in all classes you wish to submit. You should also consider your portfolio of brands as a whole when determining the nice classes to be included in your application. For example, you could already sell children`s clothing in class 25 under your brand name. But if, in a year`s time, you want to unroll infant bolts treated in Class 18, you should include both classes in your application to allow the expected growth of your brand portfolio. Yes, yes. In accordance with the Trademark Act, all goods and services of the application must be grouped according to the classes of the Nice classification Once you select your classes, the perimeter of protection of your portfolio is completed, so it is really important to choose with caution during the approval phase. The classes (and descriptions of goods and services) that you include in your application determine your rights to prevent third parties from using the same or similar trademarks. You will intend to get as much coverage as possible to completely protect all your brands and brands. Determining Nice classes (sometimes called international classes) can be a rather complex process. Registering your brand under the right (s) class (s) is a key part of your overall brand protection strategy.

In short, the importance of first knowing in which field and in what nice classes you are under A complete search of K.O. in your proposed areas and a solid brand-sharing search to check your dotted marking between classes and key areas is a driving force behind your brand application. It will save you time and money and avoid the risk of confusion and, in the worst case, the rejection of your brand by the trademark registry. (c) counselling, information or counselling services are, in principle, classified in the same classes as services corresponding to the purpose of the council, information or council, for example. B transportation advice (Cl. 39), business advice (Cl. 35), financial advice (Cl. 36), beauty consulting (Cl. 44). Advice, information or advice electronically (for example. B phone, computer) has no influence on the classification of these services. The Nice classification divides goods and services into 34 product classes and 11 service classes.