What is the Newsletter?


Every year the Society publishes a newsletter (the first of which was published in 1908), the primary purpose of which is to keep all members in touch with St Mary’s. Regular features are news of current happenings in college, details of reunion events, flash backs from the archives, and news of members.

We welcome submissions from members with news of themselves and others, private reunion events, memories of college life, poetry, songs, and anything else you think may be of interest to members if printed in the newsletter. Please send submissions to smc.society@durham.ac.uk.

Until 2010 this newsletter was posted out as a hard copy, but is now distributed electronically to all members, with a small number still electing to receive a paper copy. If you would like a paper copy posting out, please contact the Society. Previous editions dating back to 2009 can be viewed on the newsletter archive page.

Should you have any questions regarding the newsletter please contact our Vice President and Acting Newsletter Editor Steven Spencer.

If you do not currently receive the newsletter, but would like to, email smc.society@durham.ac.uk. It may be that you are not a member of the Society or that your address on the University system is not up to date.

Your eligibility will be checked against the University database of alumni and if you have not already paid a membership fee, you will be invoiced with the current amount, as a donation to cover administrative costs.

You will then be added to the database to receive future copies of the Newsletter.  If you are added to the database, you may also be contacted by the central University Alumni Office.

If it is discovered that you are already a member, your address will be updated on the central database to allow you to receive future copies.

If you know the University do not have your current address, you are missing out on the University publication ‘Durham First’ as well as our newsletter. Please click here to update your details.