Master Evaluation Agreement

CONSIDERING that the licensee wishes to grant a licence to the licensee and that the licensee wishes to acquire a license for the PlanGrid service only for the purpose of internal evaluation of the taker during the period set by the Guarantee Fund, and furthermore subject to the terms of this agreement, by accepting this GWG, either by clicking (1) on a box with acceptance, or by executing (2) an order form referring to that GWG, the customer indicates that the customer has the power, ability and authority to accept the terms. If the client agrees to the terms of this GW on behalf of an employer or other organization, the client represents that the client has full legal authority to attach it to that employer or other organization. For customers and related companies who purchase or participate in a free trial of services in Australia, the additional conditions found on apply to the purchase or free trial of the customer`s services and are integrated into this GW. In the event of an inconsistency between these additional conditions and the conditions of this GG, the additional conditions are given priority. These valuation contract terms are part of the separate sales form (“SOF”) and are incorporated into these terms and conditions of the evaluation agreement. and, together with SOF, are the agreement between PlanGrid, Inc., a Delaware-based company in The St. Mission, 4th Floor, 4th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94110 (“licensee”) and the customer whose name and address are listed on the sof (“licensee”). (a) The licensee acknowledges that the licensee holds, between the licensee and the licensee, all rights, titles and interests, including all intellectual property rights, on and on the PlanGrid service and the PlanGrid documentation. This GWG will come into effect on 27 March 2020 and will replace and replace the GW effective 27 September 2019. IF YOU ACCEDED TO THIS AGREEMENT, GOVERNMENT, OR OTHER ENTITIES, THEY REPRESENT AND WARRANT THAT THEY HAVE THE POWER AND AUTHORITY TO DO THE RESEARCH OF BUSINESS, GOVERNMENT, OR ANY OTHER ENTITY TO THIS CONTRACT, AND YOUR AGREEMENT ON THESE TERMS ARE CONSIDERED THE RESEARCH AGREEMENT, GOVERNMENT, OR OTHER ENTITY. IN THIS CASE, “YOU” AND “YOU” REFER TO SUCH A COMPANY, GOVERNMENT OR OTHER ENTITY.

CONSIDERING that licensees provide markets, licenses and other services with an offer of “as-a-service software” that allows subscribers, among other things, to use the PlanGrid field cooperation platform, as described in more detail in the SOF (the “PlanGrid Service”); and (b) if the licensee or one of its employees, Authorized contractors or users submits verbally or in writing recommended suggestions or changes to PlanGrid Service or PlanGrid Documentation, including, but not limited to, new functions or functions, or comments, questions, suggestions or other (“Feedback”), the licensee is free to use these comments regardless of other obligations or restrictions between the parties that regulate such feedback. The licensee, on behalf of the licensee and on behalf of his employees, Contractors and/or agents, adheres to the licensee all rights, titles and interests and rights over the licensee, without any party being able to use ideas, know-how, concepts, techniques or any other intellectual property rights contained in the feedback for any purpose, while the licensee is not obliged to use dissemination information, although the licensee does not need to use broadcast information. THIS EVALUATIONAGREMENT (THIS “AGREEMENT”) GOVERNS YOUR EVALUATION OF COFENSE`S (S) PROVIDED PRODUCT FROM COFENSE INC., AND/OR ITS AFFILIATES (“COFENSE”) UNLESS YOU (OR THE BUSINESS, GOVERNMENT OR ENTITY YOU REPRESENT) HAVE EXECUTED A SEPARATE WRITTEN AGREEMENT WITH COFENSE