Jcb Hire Agreement

7. If the agreement is reached to the tenant before the crossing of the property in the printing machine in question, the tenant must immediately return to the landlord, the directives and other documents relating to that press. AND IN WHAT THE tenant ordered an order from M/s… for the purchase of printing machines. 1. The owner rents and the tenant rents the machine shown below (hereafter referred to as this machine) of …… for a term of …. Years. 10. The tenant fulfils and complies properly with all the conditions of this agreement and the agreements to be respected and pays the owner on time and on time the amounts indicated in point 2 (as well as the aforementioned sum of Rs…….). so paid on the execution of this agreement as above) in the sum of r………… Then. The rent ends and the printing machine in question becomes the property of the tenant and the landlord will transfer and make all his rights, titles and shares in the tenant to the tenant, but until these payments are made, the printing machine remains the property of the owner.

13. The parties to this agreement state that they have fully understood the importance of all the terms, conditions and conditions of this Agreement and that they have accepted and executed the agreement with full knowledge and understanding of the commitments set out in it. CONSIDERING that the tenant has dated his letter….. invite the owner to provide financing for the purchase of the printing machine. 1. The owner owns the printing machine with fittings, tools and accessories, in particular described in the calendar, must rent it, and the tenant will take care of the rental of this….. Day of… …… 4.

The tenant uses this machine in a skilful and correct manner and keeps the machine in good condition at his own expense (with the exception of proper wear) and allows the owner to have access to this machine at any appropriate time and at any appropriate time and to check the condition and condition of this machine. 5. The tenant can determine the setting at any time by giving…. Days to the owner, in writing and sending the printing machine in writing and at his own risks and costs and, therefore, to pay immediately to the owner all rental costs up to the date of this finding and other corresponding amounts and 25% of the remaining rental fee to be paid as agreed compensation. 7. The tenant can determine the setting at any time by giving ….