Eu Moldova Partnership And Cooperation Agreement

Respect for democracy, the principles of international law and human rights, as defined in the Helsinki Final Act and the Paris Charter for a New Europe, as well as the principles of market economy, including those set out in the documents of the CSCE conference in Bonn, form the basis of the parties` internal and foreign policy and constitute an essential element of the partnership and agreement. CONSCIENT TO promote the process of regional cooperation with neighbouring countries in the areas covered by this agreement, in order to promote the prosperity and stability of the region, cooperation between educational institutions and between institutions and educational enterprises, 2. This cooperation aims, among other things, to restructure and modernise transport systems and networks in the Republic of Moldova, as well as the development and, where appropriate, the compatibility of transport systems within a more comprehensive transport system. At the meeting of 28 November, in 1999-199-ten, on the signing of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement establishing a partnership between the European Communities and their Member States, on the one hand, and the Republic of Moldova, on the other hand, the following, referred to as the agreement, adopted the following texts: At ministerial level, political dialogue takes place within the Cooperation Council and , on other occasions, by mutual agreement. 1. The contracting parties aim to develop and strengthen small and medium-sized enterprises and their associations, as well as their cooperation between SMEs in the Community and the Republic of Moldova. 1. The parties are developing and strengthening their cooperation in the field of transport. This action plan was replaced in 2014 by the association programme adopted under the EU-Moldova Association Agreement, which has been the legal framework for the development of cooperation between the RM and the EU since 1 September 2014. In August 2017, the new association programme for the period 2017-2019 was approved, including short- and medium-term priorities for EU-RM cooperation. 5. If necessary, economic cooperation and other forms of cooperation under this agreement can be supported by the Community`s technical assistance, taking into account the Community regulation applicable to technical assistance in independent states, the priorities agreed in the Community Technical Assistance Indicative Programme to the Republic of Moldova and its established coordination and implementation procedures.