Travel Bursaries

The Society President chairs  the Travel Bursary Committee  within College. The finances to support these bursaries are provided from a variety of sources, including Society funds.

Applications should be made in writing to the Society President and sent to College, marked care of Kathleen Vasey, the administrator for this system.  The details of how to do this can be found on the JCR website and also on the St Mary’s section of DUO.

Please note that applications should NOT be sent to the Society directly ,either by post or by email. This system has been in operation for many years and has supported students undertaking a wide variety of travelling experiences; from those which involve humanitarian/aid work, to those which develop the student’s own understanding.

The provision of further direct support to current students is something the Society has done recently as funds were directed away from the newsletter, with the move to a primarily electronic format in 2011.

Please see the reports pages for details of how travel bursaries have supported students in the past.