SMCS Book Fund Application page

Applications for the 2013-4 SMCS Book Fund cycle will open on Monday 7th October at 0900 and close at 2200 on Wednesday 30th October. All applications are to be completed electronically. Please carefully follow the instructions below and on the accompanying documents.

Before Applying

Before applying for the Fifty-Six fund please consider if you could obtain the books you require by asking the Librarian in College if they can be ordered. The Library has a budget to spend on books each year and are always happy to receive and consider requests. Given the limited nature of our funding this may be a more fruitful route by which to obtain the books you require.


You may apply for funding to buy academic books/printed study materials directly related to your course of study.

You are eligible to apply if you are a registered full time student currently studying for a University of Durham degree and formally attached to St Mary’s College. You may be at any stage of your studies.

The only formal requirements placed upon you if you are successful and receive funding are that you complete a report detailing how the books have aided your studies by the 14th June 2014 and that you should place a book plate inside the books so they may be identified as being provided by the fund.


You must download an application form from the bottom of this page and complete it in full. Use the guide document to help you. Instructions of where to send the completed form are on the form itself.

The applications will be considered by the SMCS Book Fund Committee. Membership will be:

Chairman – Mr Steven Spencer
JCR Representative – JCR President
College Representative – Dr Gillian Boughton (Vice Principal and Senior Tutor)
MCR Representative – MCR President
St Mary’s College Librarian – Jane Heath
Society Representatives – Mrs Jennifer Cawthorne, Rev Shelagh Jones, and Mr Andy Hopkins

Following a meeting of this committee between the 8th and 15th November, successful applicants will be informed and arrangements made for the payment of awards. This will be via cheques issued by the College Finance Office.

Please note that the decision of the Committee is final and there is no right of appeal.


Remember, there are limited funds and despite our desire to fund every application we have to select only a proportion of applicants to receive awards. Therefore, the quality of your application is important. Pay particular attention to explaining how the books will enhance your ability to study your chosen course(s) and do mention any circumstances which give rise to financial hardship. It is also essential that you use a level of English that is commensurate with academic standards.

SMCS Book Fund Application Form

2013-14 SMCS Book Fund guide to completing application form 2013-14