Fifty-Six Book Fund

What was it?

The Fifty-Six book fund was created by a group of Mary’s graduates who all matriculated into St Mary’s in 1956. The purpose was to provide grants to current St Mary’s College students for academic books. These grants were funded by the generous donations of former students. Following many years under the charge of its creators, the fund was transferred to the care of St Mary’s College Society Committee in 2009.

Who could apply?

The founders of the fund decided that the applicants would be limited to those whose secondary education (including sixth form) was provided by the state sector in Local Authority or grant maintained schools (or those in receipt of a full scholarship at a private institution). Emphasis was placed upon financial hardship and a need to own the books in question, when deciding upon who should receive the awards.  The creators stated: ‘the system was more generous in our day and we would like to recognise this by giving something back to today’s students’.

This page is now maintained as an historic record. In 2013, in view of the Fifty-Six Fund being exhausted, The Society created the new SMCS Book Fund. Details are elsewhere on this site.

Please see the report pages to gain an overview of the help provided by this fund since 2009. Reports prior to 2009 were paper-based.