Welcome to SMCS

Hello, to all current St Mary’s Students and welcome to your section of the SMCS website.If you paid the subscription that was charged onto your college bill during your first two terms at St Mary’s, then you are a member of the Society.

St Mary’s College Society exists to help you to maintain contact with College and fellow students when you have departed from Durham. We organise the publication of an annual newsletter to keep you abreast of college developments and to provide news of fellow alumni members. In addition, we organise reunion events for all alumni and ensure the views of the alumni body are expressed to College management. This is important because you are only here for a short time as a student, but are a member of the alumni for life.

You may at this point be wondering if we do anything for you, whilst you are still a student; the answer is a resounding yes!

Currently, we administer the travel bursary system, which provides grants that are available to all students and the SMCS Book Fund which awards grants for academic books. Additionally, a large number of your tutors are former Mary’s students and thus are society members. We have begun to sponsor a Formal which is held during the first term each year to welcome freshers into the College and explain to them the importance of the Society for their long term involvement in Mary’s. Finally, upon graduating, the Society provide you with a certificate to celebrate you becoming a graduate member of the Society and entering the alumni phase of your involvement with St Mary’s College.

For the future, we are working closely with College to develop an alumni business contacts scheme. This will enable former students to share their expertise with current students. We are also developing plans to provide more direct support to current students using funds which are now available due to changes made to the newsletter.

You have representation on the Society Committee. The JCR President and MCR President both attend, together with up to three JCR Representatives. So if you have any thoughts that you would like the Society to be made aware of please let any of these people know or email us using the information on the contacts page