The St Mary’s College Society Constitution lays out all the principles, rules and composition of the Society. The Constitution is reviewed every five years. The Constitution is as follows:

St Mary’s College Society Constitution

1. The Society shall be called the St Mary’s College Society.

2. The purpose of the society shall be:

  • To provide a focus for the former students of St Mary’s College and build on existing links with the College. 
  • To provide a source of information about the College and the Society’s members and activities;
  • To assist in the promotion of St Mary’s College;
  • To support the academic and social development of current students.

The society shall further aim to:

  • Arrange, encourage and promote events on a regional and local basis;
  • Communicate news and information;
  • Contribute to St Mary’s as an integrated college community;
  • Support St Mary’s College Trust in the raising of funds, and particularly to support current students.

3. Membership:

  • All former student members of St Mary’s College who have been registered with the University shall be eligible for Ordinary Membership.

These members:

  • Shall pay the appropriate subscription;
  • May vote at the Annual General Meeting;
  • May stand for election to positions on the Committee.
  • Honorary Life Membership may be extended by the Committee to former principals of St Mary’s College.

These members:

  • Shall not pay a subscription;
  • May vote at the Annual General Meeting;
  • May not stand for election to positions on the Committee.

4. Each of the following officers must be Ordinary Members of the Society who shall be elected for a term of four years.  S/he shall be elected by members of the Society at the Annual General Meeting and shall be eligible for re-election once.

  • President 
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

5. The duties of the Officers shall be:

  • The President shall:
  • chair Society Committee meetings;
  • chair the Annual General Meeting
  • chair the Travel Bursaries Committee;
  • have the casting vote in all elections and proposals;
  • represent the Society on St Mary’s College Council and the College Trust and report to the Committee;
  • represent the Society on other occasions as required.
  • The Vice-President shall:
    • deputise for the President whenever required.
  • The Secretary shall:
    • prepare the agenda for and keep minutes of all Committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting;
    • ensure that any changes of contact details are passed on to the University’s Development Office for entering on their database.
    • maintain the Society email account and distributes information as appropriate.
  • The Treasurer shall:
    • conduct all the financial affairs of the Society and keep the accounts;
    • report in writing to each meeting of the Committee;
    • produce annual accounts at the Annual General Meeting which have been subjected to external scrutiny and audited by College.

6. The Committee shall consist of:

  • The Officers: The President, the Vice-President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer;
  • The Editor(s) of the Newsletter;
  • Ex-Officio members:

The Principal of St Mary’s College;

The Vice-Principal of St Mary’s College;

The President of the Junior Common Room (JCR), St Mary’s College;

The President of the Middle Common Room (MCR), St Mary’s College;

The Archivist, St Mary’s College;

The Retiring JCR and MCR President for a period of one year;

  • Up to 12 Representatives elected by members of the Society at the Annual General Meeting, to serve for a period of three years and to be eligible for re-election for further periods;
  • Up to three current student representatives elected by the JCR or MCR, to represent different year groups;
  • Other members may be co-opted by the Committee as necessary, to assist with the organisation of Society activities.

7. Duties of Committee MembersMembers will be expected to:

a)     Attend the Annual General Meeting and meetings of the Committee; not less than two meetings per year;

b)    Actively promote the interests of the Society.

8. An Annual General Meeting shall be held at which:

  • The annual accounts shall be presented;
    • The Officers shall be elected – in rotation (as much as possible) so that normally one post comes up for election each year;
    • The appointment of the Editor(s) of the Newsletter shall be noted;
    • The Representatives of the Committee shall be elected in rotation;
    • Current students of St Mary’s College may attend as observers.

Normally nominations for Officers shall be invited via the annual Newsletter, in advance of the Annual General Meeting.  Nominations for Representatives can be received at the Annual General Meeting.  The Agenda will be available on arrival.

9. A Newsletter shall be published annually usually at the end of Easter Term produced electronically and in hard copy if required, and sent to all members of the Society. It shall normally include:

a)     Reports from the Principal, President of St Mary’s College Society and the JCR and MCR President;

b)    A Report of the previous Annual General Meeting;

c)     An announcement of the next Annual General Meeting, including an invitation for nominations for the election of Officers of the Society, and for Representatives for the Committee;

d)    News of present and former students;

e)     Dates of future events.

10. The Subscription to Life Membership:

New students shall receive information in their induction packs.

a)     Subscriptions shall be payable during the first year of study, or

b)    May be paid in a single payment subsequently: any current or former student of St Mary’s College may become a member at a later date upon payment of the full subscription;

d)    Shall be determined by the Committee and approved by the Annual General Meeting;

e)     Shall be reviewed at least every three years.

Although the Subscription offers Life Membership, Society members are not precluded from making subsequent donations to the Society.

11. The Constitution:

a)     The application and operation of the Constitution shall be reviewed every five years.

b)    Amendments to the Constitution shall be approved by members of the Society at the Annual General Meeting, following notice given in advance.

12. The Annual Accounts:

  • Shall be subjected to external scrutiny each year;
  • Withdrawals from the investment account shall require signatures from two of four possible signatories who are Officers of  the Committee;

c)     In the event of ‘voluntary liquidation’ the Society’s debts shall be paid and any balance donated to St Mary’s College.

13. Communications:

The Society will adopt a variety of communications as appropriate:

  • Formal meetings of the Committee will be conducted  face to face
  • Business between meetings may be carried out utilising electronic communication
  • Relationships with alumni will be maintained through the annual newsletter which will be distributed electronically, except for those alumni who have requested a hard copy; and via the Society website.  Alumni will also be encouraged to keep in contact by using electronic communication tools e.g. social networking
  • Local meetings of alumni are encouraged wherever appropriate

This Constitution shall be reviewed for the AGM in 2017.