Collective Agreement Pm Group

The PA Group is the largest bargaining group in the core public administration (CPA). It is defined in the Canada Gazette as follows: this memorandum must come into force the agreement between the employer and the Alliance on the meeting leave of certain employees of the Translation Bureau. The Bargaining Agent attempts to remove the compensation criteria on the basis of group and level, which would have the effect of extending the scope to all staff members involved in compliance with remuneration obligations. The Bargaining Agent also aims for an increase in the allocation from USD 2,500 to USD 3500 per year. In 2017, the amount of the allowance increased from $2,000 to $2,500 per year and the eligibility criteria were extended to all compensation advisors in groups AS-01, AS-02 and AS-03 who perform compensation functions. This Memorandum of Understanding is to come into force with the child care agreement between the employer and the Public Services Alliance of Canada. Following the work of the National Committee for Joint Care for Children, the Parties agree on the establishment of a Joint Management Committee of the Union for Children in progress. The Joint Management Committee of the Children`s Union is established to continue the work of the National Committee for Joint Care for Children and transmits the committee`s recommendations in addition to other measures identified by further research and analysis and agreed upon by the parties. At the same time, the government also reached a preliminary agreement with the PSAC to compensate employees for damages caused by Phoenix`s wage system and the late transposition of 2014 collective agreements.

If approved, this compensation agreement will apply to the 140,000 VIP members who will be paid through Phoenix`s compensation system. To complement the results of the Mercer External Wage Study, TBS engaged with provincial and territorial governments to collect compensation data for the wellness program group. Job descriptions were sent for WP-04 and WP-05 positions and compared to comparable jobs based on duties and responsibilities. This Memorandum of Understanding was conceived as a temporary measure; it was supposed to last one year and expired in June 2017. The parties extended the duration until June 2018 by mutual agreement. The Steering Committee approves the terms of reference of the Advisory Committee. That date may be extended by mutual agreement between the members of the Management Board. The terms of reference of the Committee may be amended from time to time by mutual agreement between the members of the Board of Directors. The employer undertakes to complete and complete the review and reorganization of the PA`s Occupational Structure (OGS), including the development of job evaluation standards for the PA OCCUPATIONAL CATEGORY. The collective agreement does not require the implementation of the law The employer considers that there is no evidence justifying the granting of salary increases to the PA group that go beyond the cumulative increases obtained by the employees of the 17 CPA group and the 17 separate agency groups on a four-year contract.

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