Fundraising to support student activities is an activity which is essential to ensuring the student experience at St Mary’s remains excellent. Fundraising is also important to support the activities of the Society.

Within this there are College and Society priorities:

  • The Arts Fund
  • The Sports Fund
  • The Travel Fund
  • The Fifty-Six Book Fund
  • The Mary’s College Society Fund
  • The Chapel Fund
  • The Development Fund
  • The Postgraduate Bursary Fund
  • The New Bar and Arts Centre Fund

You have the option of specifying the purpose for which your donation will be used, or you can allow College to decide according to current priorities. You may also direct donations to any other part of the University.  All donations directed to St Mary’s will be placed in the College Trust, which is administered by a board of Trustees. The money is held in the Trust, but can only be used for the purpose specified when you donate.

Should you wish to donate the easiest method is using this page donate here.

Should you have any queries about donating to College, the Principal has stated he is happy to answer these personally. You may contact him via Carole Laverick using this email or by telephoning 0191 334 5963.

In addition to the regular round of bursaries for student travel, Fifty-Six Book Fund awards and other College bursaries, alumni money has recently paid for the re-equipping of the Chapel with new choir stalls (by the ‘Mouseman’) to accommodate a larger choir, a PA system, a full drum kit and other essential equipment for the Arts, in addition to a large range modern gym equipment for the newly refitted gym. Your support is essential to the development of the College and to allow today’s students to enjoy the Mary’s experience, which will transform their lives, in the same way as it no doubt transformed yours.