Contacting Members

If you wish to reach a member, perhaps a friend from your time in college, we can help to put you back in touch. We cannot do this directly due to data protection rules.  Instead, you should send a letter intended for your lost friend to College in a stamped envelope. We will send this on to your friend if we can find their address. This letter should be inside an envelope which includes a covering note giving us the name of your friend, their maiden name, their matriculation and/or graduation year, and any other information you think might enable us to identify them. Mark your letter for the attention of the ‘SMCS Secretary’ and send to the College address or send an email to

If we can identify the member concerned we will forward the communication to them. Should you have any questions about this procedure please contact us using the details on the contacts page. Due to the nature of these enquiries we cannot guarantee success or promise results within a set time limit. We will however endeavour to investigate your enquiry as quickly as is possible.



The alumni association for graduates of St Mary's College, University of Durham